Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kyle Leon Review

Kyle Leon Review It kind of reminds teaching accounting - with the only difference being that while the accounts are trying to make the overall balance was in surplus, here we yearn to get into "the red." How can this be achieved?

Reduce income (i.e., consume foods with lower calories) and increase spending (e.g., sports).
If you intend to lose weight, the energy value of food received should range between 50 to 100 kJ per kilogram of your ideal weight.

In practice, this means that a woman 160 cm tall, when a diet should consume only the amount of food whose energy does not exceed the value of 3000-6000 kJ.

Enough is enough
I remember very well one example of Colleges has always been somewhat classmate decided to lose weight.

And because it's smart and honest girl, you’re basically: equipped with a pencil, paper and calculator started going shopping. Kyle Leon Scam I have always professed to have found again a little less calorie yogurt, milk or cheese, and that only now is it "right".

If you lost weight
 Yes, and quite a lot (I think the number was removed kilograms digit number).

However, after several months of calorie counting diet dropped his head and after a while they went back to their original weight. Kyle Leon Program If you're like my classmate obsessed with energy intake and energy have a full head tables rather forget that there are joules.

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